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How do I pay for the service and products?

We set up your Compost Diaper Service account on auto charge. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Anytime you purchase products, whether it is a recurring order or a one-time order, we will charge the card we have on file for you. There is a four-week minimum for service.

Explain the cost for Compost Diaper Service

You will be billed a non-refundable membership fee every four weeks. This fee is dependent upon the number of children in your household/daycare. Current paid members will enjoy special pricing on compost diapers and wipes. Membership covers the delivery of compost products, the pick-up of soiled compost products, and the composting fees at a professional composting facility. Diapers and wipes are purchased as needed, and sold separately.

Can I request a sample compost diaper?

Yes! Please visit the sample page in order to send us your request.

Request a Compost Diaper Sample

Is there a minimum monthly order or delivery fee?

No. The four (4) week membership fee covers for weekly diaper pick-ups regardless of how many packs of diapers and wipes you are ordering. We can only pick up compost diapers and wipes that are purchased from us.


What if I will be out of town or don't need a pick up?

Please let us know if you do not need our driver to stop at your house for a pick up. You can do this by either using myTinyTots or contacting us by phone or email. Your timely communication will save time and resources. Please let us know by noon two days before, if you do not need a pick up of soiled diapers.

Many customers opt to bring the soiled diapers back with them to be composted through our service. Others will choose to dispose of them in the garbage as a disposable diaper. Feel free to call and chat with one of our customer service representatives for suggestions on traveling with compost diapers. If you will be travelling for 4 or more consecutive weeks, please contact us to arrange a hold on your account so you will not be charged the service fee while you are gone.

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Do I need to be available for deliveries?

Nope. We make many deliveries late at night or early in the morning, so we do not expect you to be present during drop-off and pick-up. We just ask that you set the soiled diapers out the night before your delivery. Signatures are not required for the standard diaper deliveries. Over the years we have accommodated all manner of delivery scenarios, so feel free to call or email one of our customer service representatives to discuss delivery and pick-up options at your residence.

Can I receive diapers before my baby is born so I will feel better prepared?

Absolutely. We recommend scheduling a pre-birth delivery. After this initial delivery we will not come by your home again until we hear from you that your baby has arrived. Once the baby is born, we will activate your account which means we will automatically come to your home each week for a pick-up and provide delivery when scheduled.

Can I include anything that is compostable with my weekly pick-up?

We can only pick up compost diapers and wipes that are purchased through Tiny Tots. It is our responsibility to confirm that the integrity of what we drop off at the compost facility is compostable and this will help us in doing so. Appropriate compostable supplies can be ordered through your myService portal.

How do I change my standing order?

You can change your standing order through myTinyTots, or send us an email or call our service team. Whenever possible, please make updates to recurring orders at least 3 working days prior to the scheduled date of the delivery.

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What do I do on my pick-up day?

Our drivers begin their routes very early. Please set your soiled diapers out the night before your pick-up day. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your cell phone to remind you to set out the diapers. All pick-ups must be in the compostable bags available through Tiny Tots. Our drivers will not pick-up other bags. Please confirm only compostable products purchased from Tiny Tots are in the pick-up.

What do I do if I forget to set out my soiled diapers?

You can either bring them in to our office or set out two weeks of soiled compost products the following week. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your cell phone to remind you to set out the diapers the night before your pick-up day. Please let us know in advance, if you do not need a pick-up.

Can I compost my diapers with my city compost service or backyard composter?

No. Food and general compostable waste should never be mixed with diaper waste. In most municipalities it is illegal to place human waste (including compostable diapers) in the city compost bins, or to compost them on your property.


How do I purchase compostable diapers, wipes and bags?

You can purchase compostable supplies by login to your account at myService, send an email to or call our service team.

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Can I set up a standing order?

Yes! In fact, this is recommended. You choose the frequency and quantity. Changes can be made online using through your account, send an email to or call our service team.

Do you have quantity recommendations for recurring orders?

Yes. We recommend you take advantage of our quantity discounts and order what your projected usage will be for a 2 to 4 week period. If you are planning to use compostable diapers exclusively, we recommend a usage plan of 6 to 10 diapers per day. If you use compostable wipes, the average is about one pack a week. You can order the compost bags as needed. If you find your needs to be different, it is not a problem to make adjustments to standing orders. Changes can conveniently be made online using myTinyTots. We can only pick up soiled compostable diapers and wipes that you have purchased from Tiny Tots.

Do I need to order by the case in order to receive the case discount?

Yes. You would need to order by the case of the same brand to receive the case discount. You can mix sizes within brands as long as they are the same price. For Compost Diapers, you need to order 4 or more packs at a time to get the case discount. For diaper wipes, a case is 12 or more packs. View the compost pricing sheet

What if I need something in addition to my standing order before it is due to come?

Just give us a call or order online. We will drop it off the next time we come by to make a pick-up. Shop the online Baby Boutique

What is the deadline for making changes to my standing order of compostable products?

For changes, please communicate a minimum of three working days before your delivery day. This is very helpful in producing accuracy and efficiency.

Do I need to put the soiled diapers and wipes in a compostable bag for pick-up?

Yes. Please purchase one of the compostable bag options available. Set the soiled diapers out in these bags to insure a seamless pick up by our driver. Appropriate compostable supplies can be ordered through your myService portal.

How do I store soiled diapers?

We recommend using a hamper that will hold the 3 or 13 gallon bio-bag. Soiled diapers must be returned in a compostable bag.

What compostable products do you offer and pick up?

Appropriate compostable supplies, such as bio-bags, can be ordered through your myService portal for home delivery.

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Can I come to your boutique in Campbell and pick up and deliver my own diapers?

Yes. If you live outside our delivery area, you are more than welcome to set up a diaper service account and make your own pick-up and deliveries. The charges are the same. Parents often do this if they work in the San Jose/Campbell area, yet live out of our service area.