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How do I pay for service?

Charges for the cotton diaper service are billed in 4-week increments (and there is a four week minimum). Anytime there is a balance on the account, the credit or debit card we have on file is automatically charged. Our customers receive a copy of the charges for verification purposes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

What are the charges and what is included?

The cotton diaper service includes three components (1) the rental of the cotton diapers, (2) the professional laundering of the diapers, and (3) the weekly pick-up and delivery of the diapers. We charge based on the quantity rented. If for example, you order the recommended 80 diapers for a newborn, the weekly charge is $27.00. For other quantities, see our price list. We bill in 4 week increments and have a 4 week minimum.


Can I receive diapers before my baby is born so I will feel better prepared?

Absolutely. If you are planning to begin diaper service right from the birth of your baby, we recommend scheduling a pre-birth delivery. This will include a one week supply of cotton diapers along with any other diapering supplies you ordered. We won't deliver anything after the first delivery until we hear from you that you've had your baby. Once the baby is born, give us a call. We will activate your account and begin our automatic weekly pick up and delivery service. There is no extra charge for the pre-birth. It counts as the first delivery of the 4 weeks that you would have pre-paid. Once your service is activated, you will have 3 more deliveries coming.

What quantity would you recommend?

We recommend 80 for a newborn. This gives you 11 changes a day which is what most newborns use. You can increase or decrease your weekly order of diapers if you find 80 to be too many or not enough.

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Do I need to rinse the soiled diapers?

No, rinsing is not required! Your clean diapers are delivered in a plastic bag. Use this bag to line your hamper. When you take the diaper off of the baby, simply roll it up and place it in your lined hamper. It is not necessary to soak or rinse your diapers. Only diapers used as "Burp Cloths" or to clean up milk will need to be rinsed to avoid mildew growth and stains.

What if I see a stain on a diaper?

Generally, stains are harmless and have no impact regarding the diapers absorption and sanitation. Some diapers may develop stains, but they are no cause for alarm, as they are simply a visual imperfection. All diapers are washed thoroughly and completely.

During routine inspection, if a diaper has recieved too much love, it will be pulled from circulation. While we make every effort to pull diapers as necessary, some may fall through cracks. Diapers that are pulled from circulation are then used as cotton cloths for other purposes.

Can I make changes to my account?

Absolutely. For any changes including diaper size, quantity, vacation holds, and new addresses, please let us know 3 working days before your delivery day. Making changes is easy and can be done either by calling or let us know online.

What if I will be out of town?

You will not be charged for the weeks you do not use the diapers provided you pre-scheduled a vacation hold. It can be done either by calling or let us know online.

Do I need to be available for deliveries?

Nope. We make many deliveries late at night or early in the morning, so we do not expect you to be present during drop-off and pick-up. We just ask that you set your dirty diapers out the night of your delivery. Signatures are not required for the standard diaper deliveries. Please be aware that delivery times may vary, due to various conditions (traffic, new customers, vacation skips for other customers, driver substitutions, and more).

How many diapers will I get each week?

On your first and second deliveries you will receive the weekly number of diapers that you ordered. After that, you will be on a rotation basis. The number of soiled diapers you turn in on your first delivery will be counted and that same number will be returned to you on your next delivery.

What do I do on my delivery day?

Our drivers begin their routes very early. Please set out your soiled diapers the night before your delivery day. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your mobile phone to remind you.

What do I do if I forget to set out my soiled diapers?

You can either bring them in to our Boutique or, the following week, set out two weeks of soiled cotton. We suggest you set a weekly reminder in your cell phone to remind you to set out the diapers the night before your pick-up day. If we don't pick up the soiled cotton diapers, your driver will deliver your clean bundle (see two exceptions below), and we will schedule a loan delivery of 75% of your weekly diaper order for the following week.

Exception One: Clean diapers will not be delivered on your 2nd delivery week if there are no diapers to pick up.
Exception Two: Loan bundles are not delivered if 2 weeks worth of soileds are not set out the week after you forget to put out diapers.

Can I return soiled compostable diapers or wipes purchased from you if I am on the cotton only diaper service?

Yes. Just let us know by phone that you are changing your status from a cotton only customer to a combo customer. This is so we are aware to be on the lookout for soiled compostable products in your pick-up. There's no extra charge to switch and the compostable diapers and wipes you use (even if minimal) will be diverted from the landfill. We can only picked up soiled compostable diapers and wipes that you have purchased from Tiny Tots.

Can I pick up and deliver my own diapers at your boutique in Campbell?

Yes, if you live outside our delivery area, you are more than welcome to set up a diaper service account and make your own pick-up and deliveries. The charges are the same.

How do I put on a diaper?

We encourage you to view our videos which demonstrate the best diapering techniques for containment. Or better yet, you may also want to attend one of our weekly Diaper Service 101 class. Most of our attendees attend the class prior to the birth of their baby, but it's fine to come after as well.

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What is available at Tiny Tots Baby Boutique?

Tiny Tots Baby Boutique is becoming an all-inclusive must-see shop for new mommy and baby items. Award winning departments include baby and toddler clothing, toys, car seats, diapering supplies, baby wearing, nursing bras, breast pumps, feeding and potty training. Anything from our Boutique can be delivered with your diaper delivery for no additional delivery charge. Orders can be made at our online boutique or by calling us.

Is there anything else I need to have to use cotton diapers besides the diapers?

Yes, we recommend you start with three to six diaper covers, a pack of Snappi Clips and a diaper hamper for storing the soiled diapers. You are not required to purchase these items from Tiny Tots but they are available for your convenience at both our online and brick and mortar boutique.